Top 10 latest cloud certifications to acquire affluent jobs in the market!

6 min readJan 25, 2022

In current years, cloud computing has proliferated in terms of career possibilities, research, and improvement. Cloud computing is among the most promising options for IT professionals, as the need for experts in this domain is only rising. Most companies haven’t transferred to the cloud yet and require cloud professionals with the critical understanding and aptitudes to keep, access, and execute a variety of other processes on their business data. Now let’s study some of the numerous valuable certifications in the cloud that you can get relying on your talents, capabilities, experience, and more. Get your quality exam material for any cloud certifications from the Hotcerts dumpsite.

10 latest cloud certifications to acquire affluent jobs in the market!

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect or GCP

The GCP ( Cloud Architect certification) or Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect is one of the finest entry-level cloud certifications that experiment with all the talents and knowledge you must have in order to operate the multiple technologies of Google Cloud. This test constructs your skills in designing, structuring, planning, and handling secure, robust, engaged, and scalable cloud solutions for your corporation.

In addition, certification exams experiment with your ability to develop services and apps, optimize and explore various business processes, and be proficient in software development methods in the cloud. This is a straightforward cloud authentication that corresponds to most other cloud authentications. Regardless, GCP Cloud Architect is one of the most beneficial certifications, especially for people who want to seek a career as Cloud Architect.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

An Azure cloud certification of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is the one that seeks to validate your knowledge of Azure, primary cloud concepts, Azure pricing SLAs, Azure assistance, and more. In addition, the certification exam also tests your understanding of Azure privacy, protection, and obedience. Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is one of the best Azure Cloud certifications valid for a lifetime.

This certification exam will provide you with a fundamental understanding of the cloud and how it operates in Microsoft Azure. This certification exam is available to anyone with or without a technological backdrop. In addition, selecting this Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification will bear the first step towards evolving into a professional in cloud services. This is one of the most suitable cloud certifications for unrefined beginners.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

This expert-level Azure cloud certification displays expert skills in developing answers in Azure and knowledge of storehouse, computing, and security. Participants in this certification exam must have superior wisdom and hands-on experience in a variety of areas of IT operations, which includes data managing virtualization, disaster comeback, networking, budgeting, and protection. Along with these, it would be best if you had DevOps expertise. Azure management, Azure development, and further equivalent modules. Giving this certification exam also demands in-depth understanding and skills in infrastructure deployment and composition, protection and workload performance, application growth and deployment, and more. To achieve this certification and evolve an expert in Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect, you must pass two exams: AZ: 300 and AZ: 301.

Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Certification

Azure Administrator Associate certification is planned for specialists who are already performing in the cloud space with the help of Azure. To prepare, you need to operate Azure management and identity, deploy and handle Azure resources, execute and manipulate storage, and more. It can be advantageous if you have more than 6 months of work knowledge and background managing Azure and expertise in the essence of Azure assistance. Moreover, you must have experience operating with the Azure portal, templates, PowerShell to manage Azure resources, and the Azure CLI (Azure command-line interface). In addition, administration hubs for virtual networks, virtual engines, and Azure application assistance can be valuable.

Google Certified Professional Data Engineer

To be empowered as a Google Certified Professional Data Engineer, you must have at least 3 years of enterprise understanding and at least 1 year of work experience in sustaining and developing cloud solutions with the help of the Google Cloud Platform. This is for data engineers who have the required aptitudes to operate GCP. This cloud certification strives to try your data processing system composition, development, security, and administration skills. You also need to manage your data processing system and create machine learning models. Also, to get the most out of your data processing on GCP, you must alter your business data into a practical format for analysis.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Certification is intended for experts with work experience more significant than a year as system administrators in the areas of procedures, direction, and deployment on AWS. In addition, this certification exam validates your skills in executing and handling data flows, determines the most promising use cases for AWS processes, and establishes AWS services according to your necessities. Experts, such as operations executives and system administrators, often prefer this qualification to display their expertise and receive the same capability. However, even programmers and developers who want to research and diversify their talents can take the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Certification Exam. To prepare, we suggest that you have at least one year of work experience in system auditing and monitoring, networking and virtualization expertise, understanding security ideas, and work experience in API tools and AWS CLI.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate

Amazon Web Services (AWS) established the AWS Certification exams in Solutions Architect-Associate Certification in 2013. It is specially developed for solutions architects with around a year of knowledge construction and organizing AWS-based systems. The test’s primary goal is to test your learning of the application architecture and deploy a confident app in the cloud. This certification exam is skill-based, develops solutions depending on the customer requirements, and supplies architectural design principles to be implemented during the task life cycle. This AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate Certification is ideal for professionals who want to pursue their career in developing reference architectures and cloud infrastructures or deploying applications. This is one of the most prevalent AWS cloud certifications.

AWS Certified Developer — Associate

AWS Developer Associates is one of the most famous certifications globally and is curated for cloud evolution specialists with at least a year of industry background in creating and operating AWS-based apps. Validate skills in different programming languages, AWS architectures, AWS core assistance, application lifecycle administration, and more. In addition, you ought to be a professional in designing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based apps on the Amazon cloud and be capable of server less programming apps to clear this certification exam. AWS Certified Developer — To pass the Associate certification exam and evolve into a professional in this domain, you need technical knowledge and talents.

CompTIA Cloud +

CompTIA Cloud + certification seeks to guarantee that you have all the required talents you need to support and optimize the benefits of your cloud infrastructure. This is a performance-based vendor-neutral exam containing many technologies to test your in-depth knowledge and skills in operating with services in your cloud infrastructure. You’ll get the basic idea of ​​all three key cloud vendors: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS with the same practice. The CompTIA Cloud + certification exam experiments with your skills in areas such as cloud resource managing, deployment and composition, system supervision, troubleshooting, and security. Although not needed, it is recommended that you earn 2–3 years of industry background as a system manager before selecting this exam.

Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

The CCSP, or Certified Cloud Security Professional certification, is one of the most prevalent IT certifications that validates your specialized understanding and talents in organizing, designing, and guarding cloud applications, data, and infrastructure. This certification is provided by the (ISC) ² or International Information System Security Certification Consortium. To clear this exam, you must be able to achieve the needed tasks utilizing the adequate policies, procedures, and techniques provided by (ISC) ². You can pass the exam by directing to the CCSP Study Guide. The examination applies diverse Cloud Computing modules, structure, architecture, risk compliance, and safety. It is the most acceptable choice of cloud certification for cloud experts, including Security Manager, Security Architect, Enterprise Architect, Security Consultants, etc. It is recommended that you have greater than 5 years of professional background in the industry, of which 3 years must be in the data security domain, along with 1 year of understanding in at least one of the six sectors available in the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge.




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