700–846 Cisco IoT Advantage for Account Managers Exam

5 min readNov 27, 2023

Introduction to Cisco IoT Advantage for Account Managers Exam

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. One such avenue for professionals to showcase their expertise is through the Cisco IoT Advantage for Account Managers Exam. This examination delves into the intricacies of the Internet of Things (IoT) and how account managers can leverage this knowledge to excel in their roles.

Key Concepts Covered in the Exam

Understanding the Internet of Things (IoT)

The exam kicks off with a comprehensive exploration of IoT. Candidates gain insights into the interconnected world of devices, sensors, and data that characterize IoT environments.

Account Management in the IoT Context

Account managers play a crucial role in bridging the gap between clients and technical teams. This section of the exam focuses on adapting account management strategies to the unique challenges posed by IoT solutions.

Advantage Framework

Cisco introduces an advantage framework tailored for IoT scenarios. Understanding this framework is essential for account managers to effectively navigate the complexities of IoT projects.

Why IoT Knowledge is Crucial for Account Managers

Evolving Business Landscapes

As businesses increasingly integrate IoT technologies, account managers must be adept at aligning their strategies with these technological shifts.

Increasing Integration of IoT Technologies

The exam emphasizes the growing integration of IoT technologies across industries. Account managers need to grasp the implications of IoT for their clients’ businesses.

Overview of Cisco’s Role in IoT

Cisco’s Expertise in Networking

Cisco has long been a pioneer in networking solutions. The exam explores how Cisco’s expertise extends seamlessly into the realm of IoT, providing a holistic understanding for candidates.

IoT Solutions and Services Provided

Candidates gain insights into the spectrum of IoT solutions and services offered by Cisco. This knowledge proves invaluable for account managers seeking to provide comprehensive solutions to their clients.

Preparing for the 700–846 Exam

Resources Available

Cisco offers a wealth of resources to aid candidates in their preparation. From online courses to documentation, candidates have access to a diverse range of study materials.

Study Materials and Recommended Practices

The exam provides specific study materials and recommended practices to ensure candidates are well-equipped to tackle the challenges posed by the IoT Advantage for Account Managers Exam.

Navigating the Exam Structure

Sections and Format

Understanding the structure of the exam is crucial. Candidates are guided through the various sections and formats they can expect, allowing for effective preparation.

Time Management Tips

Given the multifaceted nature of the exam, time management is key. Tips for efficiently managing time during the examination are provided to enhance candidates’ performance.

Common Challenges Faced by Account Managers in IoT

Security Concerns

IoT environments often raise security concerns. This section of the exam addresses strategies for account managers to mitigate potential risks and ensure the security of IoT solutions.

Data Management Issues

The handling and management of vast amounts of data are integral to IoT projects. Account managers need to navigate these challenges, and the exam equips them with the necessary knowledge.

How the Exam Addresses Real-world Scenarios

Practical Applications in Account Management

The exam goes beyond theoretical knowledge, incorporating practical applications relevant to account management in the IoT landscape. Real-world scenarios are presented for candidates to analyze and respond to.

Case Studies and Examples

The inclusion of case studies and examples enhances the exam’s applicability, allowing candidates to draw insights from real-life situations.

Benefits of Obtaining the Cisco IoT Advantage Certification

Career Advancement Opportunities

With the IoT landscape becoming increasingly central to business operations, possessing the Cisco IoT Advantage certification opens doors to new career opportunities and advancements.

Recognition in the Industry

The certification serves as a badge of expertise, gaining recognition within the industry. Employers value professionals who have demonstrated a deep understanding of IoT through this certification.

Tips for Acing the Exam

Focus on Key Concepts

While the IoT landscape is vast, focusing on key concepts outlined in the exam is crucial. This section provides tips on prioritizing key areas of study.

Practice Through Simulations

Given the practical nature of IoT scenarios, candidates are encouraged to engage in simulations to reinforce their theoretical knowledge and enhance their problem-solving skills.

Real-world Success Stories

Profiles of Individuals Who Benefited from the Certification

To inspire candidates, real-world success stories are shared. These profiles showcase how individuals have leveraged the Cisco IoT Advantage certification to propel their careers forward.

Their Career Trajectories

A closer look at the career trajectories of these individuals provides insights into the tangible benefits of obtaining the certification.

Continuous Learning in the IoT Landscape

Importance of Staying Updated

The IoT landscape is dynamic, requiring professionals to stay updated on the latest trends and technologies. The exam emphasizes the importance of continuous learning.

Cisco’s Commitment to Ongoing Education

Cisco, as a leader in networking and IoT solutions, is committed to supporting professionals in their ongoing education. This section explores the resources and programs offered by Cisco for continuous learning.

Industry Demand for IoT-Aware Account Managers

Current Job Market Trends

As IoT continues to reshape industries, there is a growing demand for account managers with IoT expertise. The exam sheds light on current job market trends in this context.

Companies Seeking IoT Expertise

A survey of companies actively seeking account managers with IoT knowledge provides candidates with insights into potential career opportunities.


In conclusion, the Cisco IoT Advantage for Account Managers Exam is a gateway to success in the dynamic landscape of IoT. Equipping account managers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate IoT challenges, this certification opens doors to exciting career prospects.


  1. Is the Cisco IoT Advantage certification suitable for beginners?
  • Answer: While the exam covers advanced topics, beginners can benefit from thorough preparation and foundational knowledge.
  1. How often does the exam content get updated?
  • Answer: Cisco regularly updates exam content to align with the evolving landscape of IoT technologies.
  1. Can the certification be earned through self-study alone?
  • Answer: While self-study is possible, leveraging a combination of resources, including courses and practice exams, is recommended.
  1. Are there any prerequisites for taking the 700–846 exam?
  • Answer: There are no specific prerequisites, but having a background in networking and account management is advantageous.
  1. What distinguishes Cisco’s IoT Advantage certification from others in the market?
  • Answer: Cisco’s certification is renowned for its practical applications, real-world scenarios, and alignment with industry needs.




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